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Gaddiellopez ig
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At the Reintroduction of (I’m happy, I dunno why the face)
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this is literally me at work rn
and will be in this state until tomorrow after I’ve recovered from Lady Gaga’s B-day show at the Roseland Ballroom
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Look at em. When you know you’re the shit, despite the truth. #GoogleGlass #Adlife
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Follow BLVCK-ZOID for fashion

Follow Overdeauxis/Maison Obscurite, the new blog after been deleted!
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Ugh literally omg

this could be us but sweet jesus…
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The most important .gif
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#annawintour has banned Kim from her pages for years!
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spiritualparis: #spiritualparis love & peace
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The legendary shade continues. Patti your move.